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AI-powered software that automatically writes compliant risk reports

Regulatory report writing takes thousands of hours of work in the finance sector, thanks to AX Semantics’ powerful Natural Language Generation Software this can be automated away in a matter of minutes. This Software-as-a-service frees up staff time by generating the first draft of regulatory reports like risk reports in a matter of seconds, allowing the analyst to review it and change as needed before submitting.

Automated risk reporting for Financial Services

Unlike other solutions, AX Semantics is an easy to use software that follows the rules you provide, so all content generated will always be compliant, as long as you keep the system up to date.


AX Semantics generates reporting following the rules you provide, giving you a clear audit trial for all content and making sure all content is compliant.


Applications built with AX Semantics allow your analysts and compliance team to collaborate in real time, speeding up application development time.


AX Semantics SaaS software connects to your data via a secure API or allows you to upload it directly to the system running in Amazon’s secure cloud.


As one of the leading new NLG software companies, building an AX Semantics application is significantly faster than competition. And once the app is built, the reports are written with just a click.

3 simple steps to automate your reports

1. Connect to your

Quickly upload your data or connect securely to our API.

2. Configure your

Implement statements and rules once that define how your uploaded data should appear as text and be interpreted in the reports.

3. Generate
your reports

Generate regulatory reports such as risk reporting with just the click of a mouse.

Learn from the best: More than 500 companies use AX Semantics

"The effort for the creation of recurring reports can be reduced by up to 80% using AX Semantics."

- Mario Berger, Director at Deloitte

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