Content Automation: The Alternative to a Content Writing Agency

No more briefings and coordination rounds with content writing agencies? We have the solution: automated content generation with AX Semantics.

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Generate thousands of high-quality texts in seconds

AX Semantics is the user-friendly automated content generation tool. Hundreds of companies are already automating product descriptions, category texts, SEO landing pages and more with the help of our software. In this way, they can save costs and a lot of time.

What AX Semantics’ software offers you

With AX Semantics’ software, you can generate high-quality and search engine optimized content in seconds and in almost every language. A lack of expertise, of understanding among external authors, time-consuming discussions between your team and copywriting agencies are history. With automated content writing, you can generate thousands of texts with consistent quality more quickly than ever. You can regenerate your texts at any time at the touch of a button. In this way, you benefit from content that is always up-to-date and provides your company with a real competitive advantage.

Time & cost saving

The AX software automates the repetitive parts of the writing process and thus multiplies human productivity. This can save costs and up to 80% of the time invested in content creation.

High text quality

The unique configuration of our software allows the user to determine the text design himself. Texts sound precisely the way you want them to be, and you benefit from consistent text quality. Furthermore, AX Semantics offers you all features for the implementation with SEO guidelines.

Satisfied employees

Users are happy with the rescue work AX Semantics provide them for repetitive writing tasks. In addition, lengthy briefings and coordination rounds with external service providers are eliminated.

Your advantages of automated content at a glance 

Content automation offers your business many advantages over text agencies:
✔️ Scaling of Content Creation in Multiple Languages
✔️ Efficiency & Time Saving
✔️ Constant Up-to-Dateness of Content
✔️ Reliable & Consistent Content Quality
✔️ Team Satisfaction

How AX Semantics Content Automation Tool works 

1. Upload your

Data forms the information basis for texts. Upload data, such as filters, store information, or aggregate product data to the AX platform or use the API.

2. Configure your

Design the structure of your content, link it with your data, and define how your uploaded data should be interpreted in the content.

3. Generate 
unique content

Generate thousands of individual texts for all your data sets at the push of a button. You can actualize and regenerate your content at any time. 

More than 500 companies use AX Semantics 

The content team of the online price comparison portal has generated over 100,000 unique and high-quality SEO product descriptions with AX Semantics.

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