Content KPIs: Is it worth investing in content or automated content writing?

Content KPIs: Is it worth investing in content or automated content writing?

With the right strategy, high quality content and especially content automation offers a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and can directly contribute to the success of the business. Are you in doubt about the benefits of investing in content or content automation? In this article we provide you with convincing arguments and KPIs why automated texts are worthwhile and show you the most important aspects of content creation.

Why do we write text and what are the benefits?

In both the printed and the digital medium, text has the function of explaining facts that cannot be conveyed with pictures and pure data. Whether report, description or analysis – a text offers the possibility to classify and evaluate information, to derive conclusions and ultimately to convey a very specific message to our target group.

With content on the web, a second component is added: In addition to the conveyance of information, findability and thus optimization for search engines is an important factor in order to be visible at all for relevant search terms in the face of constantly growing competition. Text continues to play an important role here, as search engines examine the content on websites and incorporate it into their evaluations for the creation of rankings.

How do I create relevant content for my target group and for search engines?

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals with the help of text, one point is crucial: relevance. To create content relevance, you need to know your target group and their socio-demographic data as well as their need for information. To do this, it is important to know who buys your product and what reasons make your target group buy it. An indication of the need for information can be given, for example, by the search terms used in search engines and the internal search of your website.

Other factors that increase the relevance of your texts are:

  • Consider seasonal effects such as holidays, seasons, events or trends
  • Incorporate recommendations into the texts based on the behaviour of other users
  • Keep information up-to-date: If, for example, the ranges change due to further development of technologies, the content must also change
  • Integrate currently relevant search terms

All these points show: It doesn’t work without reliable data. It is therefore not surprising that more data is being collected than ever before and, according to a study by DataXu, companies are now also recognizing the importance of data for marketing success.

How do I use collected marketing data cost-efficiently in content marketing?

The collected data can of course change continuously. But taking current effects into account can offer an enormous advantage in content strategy: You adapt your content to the needs of your target group and thereby gain relevance and visibility. However, manually incorporating data continuously into the content means a lot of effort, especially when there is a large demand for content, and therefore hardly ever happens. A great potential is lost.

Automated content generation offers the solution for this and provides a huge competitive advantage. The software for content generation is data-driven – each text is based on a data set with structured information. You create logics and content blocks and the software uses these and the information it finds in the data to create natural language text. In this way, you can make adjustments for many texts in no time at all. Seasonal events can also be processed in a resource-saving way. In addition, it is easy to attach further information to each data record, such as relevant search terms that are specific to the data record and can be processed in the text, or details of the target group for which you as a user can configure differences in speech and tonality.

Content KPIs: Is the investment in content automation worthwhile?

Definitely, and you can prove it. It is important that you establish content as an ongoing process in your organization, not as a project. In doing so, you should always maintain the cycle “Implement, Measure, Optimize, Generate”. Here, “generate” refers to the implementation with the content automation software AX Semantics – because an optimization can be applied to all desired content at the push of a button. This is particularly worthwhile with large quantities of text (in several languages). You define the KPIs depending on the goals of your organization – here you will find some relevant content KPIs that can have a direct influence on the success of your company:


By using content automation, you can publish individual content directly with the release of your offer – no waiting for editors or translators.

Effort for recurring writing tasks

After you have done the initial configuration in the software, you will save a lot of time and money with repetitive writing tasks.

Effort for expansion into new markets

Since the logical elements of your configuration can be adopted from the source language, all that remains is to adapt the linguistic elements into the target languages – this speeds up your entry into new markets.

Dwell time on a page

If you create relevant content that offers your visitors added value, this increases the potential length of stay on the site and the probability of conversion.


Google examines the content on websites – optimized and high-quality content can have a positive effect on rankings for relevant keywords.

Conversion rate

If the visitor feels picked up and informed on your site, the probability of conversion increases. It is important that a conversion target is precisely defined, otherwise side effects can distort the result.

Return rate

The better an offer is described, the lower the probability of a bad purchase and thus a return. On the web, the description should be able to replace a sales talk in the shop.

Support efforts

If the description answers all important questions, visitors are less likely to need to contact support – an important cost factor.

You can easily measure if automated content generation is worthwhile for you using these success-relevant content KPIs. In this way, you have the opportunity to directly compare the effects of content measures and determine their success.

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