Successful content automation with the OSI principle

Successfully Implement and Structure Content Automation

This is how Xanevo’s OSI Principle helps Automate Content with AX Semantics

Xanevo is a full service provider for content automation that automates high-quality content, product descriptions and reports with the help of the AI-based content generation AX Semantics. Xanevo offers an all-around solution for the companies that would like to start using content automation, but do not have enough resources to operate the software themselves.

Moreover, Xanevo has developed additional services that support the active users of AX Semantics’ natural language generation software to use these services more efficiently and effectively. Here is a brief overview:

Xanevo’s Services

Xanevo is the Managed Service Provider of AX Semantics. The focus of the service portfolio is exclusively on text and content automation. Xanevo stands out from many agencies that offer different services with this specialization on its key sector. 

Currently,  Xanevo offers the following two services:

  • Project management and  implementation of content automation projects in the AX Semantics software
  • Methodical training courses for using the AX Semantics NLG software

The Training Courses Contents

The Xanevo training courses follow the goal of providing the users of AX NLG software a set of methods and principles which allow them to achieve a clean and sustainable project structure in the shortest time possible. This is particularly valuable for complex content automation projects that require a big amount of texts and data, as well as multilingual projects to be able to work with the software efficiently and on the long-term.

For this purpose, Xanevo has created the so-called OSI architecture model (Organize, Serve, Implement). This is based on best practices from the software development. Here, the company orients its working methods by those of Google or Facebook.

Hands-on examples in the AX Semantics NLG software to think along & implement help understand these faster.  During the training, Xanevo also shows how users can implement the OSI model in the AX NLG software. Upon request, it is also possible to implement a project of his choice, together with the client.

Training Result: An Operational Efficiency Gain 

During the training, the user learns the following aspects:

Better planning and structuring of the projects: Bessere Planbarkeit und Strukturierung der Projekte: the  “Spaghetti Monster” is now history.

  1. Complex logics and requirements are no longer intimidating, as the user learns how to divide and implement complex projects into smaller parts. Komplexe Logiken und Anforderungen schrecken nicht mehr ab, denn der Nutzer lernt, wie er  komplexe Projekte in kleinere Teile zerlegen und umsetzen kann
  2. Time can be saved through a certain degree of standardization, as the element code can be reused, which was previously neuly written each time.

Users of the AX software can use the saved time for other purposes, for example to tackle further projects and scaling effects of the AX Software by creating multilingual projects. Because this is exactly what supports the OSI model: a fast and uncomplicated implementation of numerous other languages.

All in all, this is an amazing operational efficiency gain.

Strategic Improvements

By establishing a set of common guidelines within a team, there are enormous advantages for both implementation and project structures: The simplified reproducibility and reusability of project components ensures that projects can be implemented in a standardized way on the long term and are easier to maintain.

advantages project management

Developers can also be assigned more flexible and used across projects, as each project follows the same set of rules. Ultimately, the project managers now have the option to better calculate and plan the required budget and resources of a project.

Book Trainings

All required information about the trainings, as well as the relevant Whitepaper can be found on Xanevo’s homepage. Inquiries can be made through the contact form or directly via email

AX Semantics confirms the added value of Xanevo’s trainings for AX Semantics users.

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