How Akku SYS Saves a lot of Time With Automated Product Descriptions

Time Savings

The automation of product descriptions relieves the content team.

High Quality

Their automated product descriptions are indistinguishable from handwritten ones.

Up-to-date Content

Text adjustments can be done by the touch of a button, which results in always up-to-date content.


Akku SYS

Akku SYS GmbH is a company specializing in custom-made batteries and accumulators.

The Case

They now have more than 16,000 business clients across Europe and sell over 10,000 products. The company deals with many products that are similar in terms of specifications. They need unique product descriptions in multiple languages that can be customized quickly and in bulk as required.

The Challenge

Akku SYS could not have all products manually written by their specialists. In the past, they have tried to cope with the large translation efforts by using translation tools. But samples have shown that the accuracy and quality of the content was not sufficient. That's why they decided to rely on good product data and automated content writing.Their goals:
  • Generate unique and optimized product descriptions for all products
  • Generate accurate content in multiple languages with less effort
  • Ability to adapt and update product descriptions quickly and on scale

The Solution

The Akku SYS team knew they needed to find a way to automate the whole process of content writing. So they decided to use AX Semantics.
  1. Automation of repetitive writing tasks

    With the AX Semantics content automation software, Akku SYS is able to generate every product description automatically based on structured data. The team takes care of a good quality of their product data that is uploaded to AX Semantics. One employee configured the AX Semantics software to decide how the data values should be interpreted in the text. After this initial configuration, the team was already able to automate thousands of product descriptions.
  2. Bulk text adjustments and updates

    When product information changes or products are improved, it is necessary to adapt the content as well. This is very time-consuming and cannot be done manually. With the help of AX Semantics, the team is able to implement these changes centrally in the tool and roll them out to all texts. This saves an enormous amount of time and the product descriptions are always up to date.
  3. Fast internationalization of content

    Since content automation is possible in 110 languages with AX, a rapid internationalization of content is also possible. The rules and logics for text generation can be taken over from the source language, so that the implementation of other languages is possible even faster. This is a huge advantage for internationally operating companies like Akku SYS, as translation processes are often complex and lengthy and translation tools do not deliver the desired quality.
Example of a German product description that was generated with AX Semantics

The Results

Since choosing AX Semantics, Akku SYS has automated several thousands of product descriptions.In the beginning, the company conducted analyses to determine whether the automated content would bring any disadvantages. No significant differences were found through A/B testing with Google Optimize, which included comparing the conversion rate of the handwritten content with that of the automated content. The automated product descriptions are indistinguishable from handwritten ones. This is a great success for the company since quality is highly essential for them. In heatmap analyses, it was clearly evident that visitors interacted equally or more with the automated and optimized content in 90% of cases.Moreover, the team saves a lot of time by using the AX software. This reduces the workload of employees and, at the same time, increases their productivity.

Akku SYS

Akku SYS GmbH is a company specializing in custom-made batteries and accumulators.
Hotjar old vs new product descriptions
Hotjar Heatmap

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