How Mytheresa Improves SEO with Automated Content

Increased Visibility by 80%

The visibility of primary keywords was increased by 80% through content automation.

High-Quality & SEO Category Descriptions

Automation enables scalable SEO optimization and consistent quality.

Acceleration of Content Writing Processes

Content processes are much faster and more cost-efficient than with manual writing.

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Mytheresa is a world-renowned retailer for luxury fashion in clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. The success story of Mytheresa began in 2006.

The Case

In the past years, Mytheresa has established itself as one of the world’s most innovative e-commerce companies in the luxury segment. The online shop offers luxury articles from over 200 top designers and delivers to 130 countries worldwide. This means they have to optimize their domain for numerous countries and multiple languages and search engines.

The Challenge

Due to the significant growth, Mytheresa became more international over time. The effort was enormous to optimize the online store for all target markets to achieve the best possible visibility. First, the company set up its own text production and then translated the texts by hand. However, this was very expensive and, above all, time-consuming.Their goals:
  • speed up content writing and translation
  • get SEO-relevant content for the shop
  • optimize domain for multiple markets and search engines

The Solution

The Mytheresa team knew they needed to find a way to speed up content writing processes and at the same time achieve a consistent and high quality that meets the demands of customers in the luxury segment. So they decided to use content automation with AX Semantics and our partner uNaice, which was contracted for the project implementation.
  1. Automated generation of category descriptions

    By automating category descriptions with AX Semantics, Mytheresa can create thousands of category descriptions by the touch of a button. In the beginning, an initial configuration of the AX Semantics platform is necessary. Statements and rules are defined according to the individual requirements of Mytheresa. Aggregated product data, among other things, serve as the information basis for the texts.
  2. SEO optimized content

    In addition to product data, Mytheresa has automatically incorporated search terms into the content in order to maximize the content's relevance. The SEO features of the software also make it possible to generate unique content and avoid duplicate content.
  3. Consistent & high-quality content

    Because several editors with different writing styles do not write content, but the ruleset is built centrally in the AX platform, automated content creation can ensure consistent and high quality. Thus, the texts offer advantages in terms of SEO and are also read.

The Results

By optimizing the category pages with automated category descriptions in the online store, Mytheresa has seen impressive effects within a few months:
  • Improvement of Google rankings by up to 20 positions in 6 months after publishing the automated category descriptions
  • Increased visibility of primary keywords by 80%
Mytheresa Logo


Mytheresa is a world-renowned retailer for luxury fashion in clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. The success story of Mytheresa began in 2006.

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