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The AX Semantics E-Commerce Suite provides automated content personalization by leveraging real-time user data to generate content, such as product descriptions, that is tailored to each unique visitor.
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personalized content for each visitor of a website

Display the Right Message to the Right Customers

Over 90% of buyers want a personalized online experience (Accenture study). Common personalization solutions offer some approaches, but do not solve a persistent problem: content writing

The E-Commerce Suite complements our automated content writing software with algorithmic personalization of E-Commerce product pages to solve this problem. It works based on real-time user data and completely automatically. Every product page on a website becomes a highly personalized sales pitch that factors in a customer's motivations and interests. Your customers as well as your marketing will love this.

Metrics + Automated Content Personalization = Growth

The E-Commerce Suite has two parts: the data analysis, called Metrics, and the E-Commerce personalization tool. With Metrics, you have a first party supplier on your site -- GDPR and CCPA compliant. Behavioral data about your visitors is collected and automatically sent to our software. This data forms the basis for automated hyper-personalization of your texts such as product descriptions.

Hyper-Personalized Content

Individualize your product page content for each visitor by feeding real-time visitor data directly into content decisions.

Unique Customer Experience

Reach your customers like the individuals they are, taking into account each customer’s motivations and interests.

Grow Conversions & Cart Size

Show the right message to the right person and drive conversion rates. Generate great product pages to turn interest in purchase and grow cart size.

Reduced Cart Abandonments

Address your customers' needs and answer their questions to reduce cart abandonment.

What You Can Achieve

Stephan Bayer - Metav Werkzeuge GmbH

Metav Werkzeuge relies on automated and personalized product descriptions. This allows the company to offer the products faster than the competition in the online store with an informative description. With the personalization of these texts, Matev has had considerable success after only a short time and their experiences with the tools are exclusively positive.

White Paper Personalized Commerce Cover

Whitepaper: How to Turn Product Pages into Personalized Sales Proposals

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How to use the E-Commerce Suite

1. Data Gathering 

Add AX tracking snippet to your site for loading the tracking script. Once a user is on your website, behavioral data is collected (e.g. product visits, customer status, time & location). By storing personal data on-site only, no personal information of a user is transmitted anywhere.

2. Data Analysis

Behavioral and psychographic data is analyzed with Metrics. It serves as the basis to identify the content objective and to generating unique content that is hyper-personalized for the user.

3. Content Generation

Based on the evaluations and the content objective, AX Natural Language Generation software drafts and generates the personalized content.

4. Display Content

The on-site personalized text is displayed to the user.

You're in Good Company. Over 500 Companies Use AX Semantics

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