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Beyond the Traditional Product Description:

Creating High-Quality Texts from Raw Data

In the Meetup, learn from Christian Heitbaum of Webgears how he identifies statements from big data that really help buyers in product descriptions.

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Christian Heitbaum

About the Meetup

Christian Heitbaum of Webgears goes beyond the traditional product description with automated content. To him it was obvious that valuable data in the form of text can provide significant added value for the users.
In this meetup, you can learn from him how he was able to identify statements from a large amount of data that really help customers in their purchase decision. Additionally, you will learn what the concept of "best time to buy" looks like.

➡️ What other text concepts besides product descriptions can be automated?
➡️ How can data be used to identify additional opportunities for valuable texts?
➡️ What is Webgears' text concept strategy?

➡️ Christian Heitbaum, project content lead, Weabgears Group
➡️ Saim Alkan, CEO and founder, AX Semantics

➡️ Tuesday, September 27 th, 2 pm - 3 pm
➡️ Virtually via Zoom
➡️ Bilingual in English and German

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Meetup Speakers

Christian Heitbaum

Christian Heitbaum

Project Content Lead, Weabgears Group

Christian Heitbaum studied journalism and lives in Berlin. He reported on the country's small events for the Westfälische Nachrichten newspaper, and later on the big stage of the World Cup in the live ticker for
Through the voucher portal Sparheld (where he led an international team), he came into contact with automated texts for the first time. In the meantime, he is working on this project for Webgears with full dedication: As a specialist for automated content, he is, among other things, a bit of a copywriter, data reader, project manager, translator and developer all in one.

Saim Alkan

CEO & Founder, AX Semantics

Saim Rolf Alkan is CEO and founder of AX Semantics and a pioneer in the field of automated content generation. After years of working successfully in the content space, he decided that companies needed a better tool: one that would allow humans and machines to work together to produce the amount of content needed to thrive in the digital age. Saim developed a content solution that generates high-quality text from data in 110 languages for industries such as e-commerce, publishing and finance. He is also a lecturer and speaker in the fields of online communication and "robot journalism" and has written several books and numerous articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to be using AX Semantics to attend?

No, you do not have to be an active AX Semantics user. Interest in the topic is sufficient.

Will this meetup be recorded?

The Meetup will be recorded in English and German. Did you register for the Meetup via the registration form? Then you will automatically receive the recording by email. Alternatively, check out our YouTube Channel - there you will find all recordings of our Meetups.

Will I be reminded in time for the start of the Meetup?

Yes, if you registered via the registration form, you will receive an email reminder 24 hours and one hour before the start of the Meetup.

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