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Software that transforms data into search engine optimized content

AX Semantics is an easy-to-use Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that allows you to generate unique content for listings in directories on scale. Create text in 110 languages and generate scalable content in multiple languages.

What AX software offers you

Unique and meaningful content for search listings is a major visibility lever for directory sites. It is important to create content not only for search engines, but primarily for readers. Thus it has a positive effect on the conversion rate. Create content for directory listings faster than ever before:


Use the variance features of the software to generate thousands of unique texts and avoid duplicate content.


The text design is in your hands: Configure content, wording & tonality. After that you are guaranteed a consistent quality according to the briefing.


Save up to 80% of your time on content creation. Configure the AX software and generate 1000s of unique texts.

Fresh Content

Update all your texts at the push of a button, if data points change or it is time for a content update for SEO reasons.

Style & Formatting

Design your content web- and user-friendly with headings, boldings, lists and more.

3 steps to unique content

1. Upload Your

Upload available data about listings, data from site filters, keywords etc. to the platform to form the information base for your content.

2. Configure Your

Configure your set of rules and statements in the AX Semantics software and define how your uploaded data should appear and be interpreted in the texts.

3. Generate Unique

Generate thousands of individual texts for all your data records at the touch of a button. You can update and regenerate your content as often as you like.

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Learn from the best: AX customers

With more than 4 million entries one of the largest search directories in Europe "Öffnungszeitenbuch" automates the creation of listings in five languages with AX Semantics.

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