Leading in Connected Commerce: More than 25 years ago, hmmh brought e-commerce to Germany. Since then, the company has been influencing developments in this field. For hmmh, connected commerce is the logical continuation of the multi-channel business, in which channels become touch points and boundaries between online and offline disappear – at any time, at […]

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Xanevo is a full-service content automation company providing automated content solutions. As a certified partner of AX Semantics, their mission is to help scale online businesses through unique content automation. The company automates product and category descriptions for e-commerce stores as well as articles and reports for publishing and banking. Xanevo has already helped large German e-commerce stores save thousands of hours […]

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Nituno is a sales and marketing agency dedicated to helping B2B Artificial Intelligence companies understand their customers and markets to scale up their offer. We work with the most innovative B2B companies on the market and partner with enterprise businesses to drive growth for the software company and successful software adoptions for the enterprise business.Nituno was founded by […]

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