The Importance of Category Pages in E-Commerce

Expert Tips on SEO & Automated Content Writing of Category Pages
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Whitepaper: Category Pages in E-Commerce

About the whitepaper

High-quality category pages are the strongest drivers of keyword rankings, visibility and traffic in e-commerce. For online store owners, it is essential to optimize these category pages with useful features and content that answers users' relevant questions. Automated content generation offers the possibility to generate high-quality category descriptions on a keyword basis.
In the whitepaper, experts Björn Darko and uNaice provide tips on SEO and automated content generation for category pages. 
PART 1: The importance of category pages for online stores, from a SEO perspective (Author: Björn Darko) 

Status quo of category pages in e-commerce
- Category pages in the customer journey
- Category pages as sales consultants

PART 2: Automated keyword-based writing of category pages (Author: uNaice)

- Return on Investment - Reasons why automated keyword-based writing of category pages is worthwhile
- The procedure
- Example 1: Sporting goods manufacturer - keyword enhancement and content automation
- Example 2: SEO-relevant and automated writing of category pages with a well-known SEO tool

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