From Keywords
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How To Systematically Create & Automate
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From keyword to powerful product descriptions

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Companies that want to be digitally successful must first answer the following questions: What are potential customers looking for, what do they want to know about the products they are searching for, and what contributes to the purchase decision eventually? 

Comprehensive keyword analysis provides the answers to these important questions about the search intent. Ultimately, this is the only way to create high-quality content that delivers the information customers are looking for and, as a result, helps them make a purchase decision. Inventory-driven business models depend strongly on products and product data for the information they need. Scaling this data - as well as ultimately personalizing it - can be accomplished through content automation. The "content lake" strategy is applied to provide the customer with the best possible user experience.

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- From Keyword to Search Intent: Analyzing and understanding customers needs
- Content Creation: How to use product data to create appealing product descriptions
- Personalization through data-driven content

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