How to define your market & create strategies that impact your business – Björn Beth at the AXCD

The AXCD ( = Automated Text & Content Day) is an international conference for Content, Content Marketing and Content Automation. It will take place on 17 September for the 2nd time in Berlin. Keynotes, lectures and workshops will give the hundreds of visitors input and new impulses for their success in content issues. One of the speakers will be Björn Beth, Director Digital Strategies Group at Searchmetrics.

Björn Beth already gives a small preview of his talk at AXCD: "I am going to show you how a „Market Insights Report“ can help define your entire market & industry like you have never seen before. I am going to show you how to get meaningful insights to create impactful strategies that will really impact your business." In his lecture, he will discuss how to develop strategies in the areas of content, technical SEO, advertising and inventory & category management and which strategies work for whom.

More about the AXCD

In addition to Björn Beth and several other well-known speakers such as Karl Kratz (Online Marketing Expert), Karolin Hewelt (RCKT), Meike Ostwald (Microsoft) and Nainy Sahani (Hospitality digital), Saim Alkan (AX Semantics) and Sebastian Klumpp (KLiNGEL) are already known as speakers. Further information to their topics can be found on the AXCD Website. The event is aimed at everyone who is interested in new impulses and trends in the fields of content marketing and content automation.
Recap Video from the AXCD 2018


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