How KLiNGEL Generates Millions Of Multilingual Product Descriptions

Millions of Product Descriptions

KLiNGEL has generated millions of high-quality product descriptions in 14 languages.

Time Savings

The automation of product descriptions relieves content and translation teams.

Enormous Cost Savings

The company saves process costs and call center costs of >1 million € per year thanks to content automation.

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The K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG, also known as KLiNGEL, is a multichannel distance retailer and one of Germany's largest mail-order companies.

The Case

The KLiNGEL Group includes 15 brands and more than 60 online stores in 12 different countries. They sell millions of products and need unique and high-quality product descriptions for all sub-brands and channels in multiple languages.

The Challenge

KLiNGEL was faced with the major challenge of making product management and translation processes more efficient internationally. In the past, the company lost a lot of time and money due to the large number of brands, products and languages. That’s why KLiNGEL decided to take a step towards automation.Their goals:
  • Generate high-quality and optimized product descriptions that match the tone of the respective brands.
  • Dramatically increase the speed of product description creation.
  • Relieve the editorial teams and free up time for other tasks, such as making optimizations.
  • Ability to adapt and update product descriptions quickly and on a scale.

The Solution

The KLiNGEL team knew they needed to find a way to speed up content processes. So they decided to use the AX Semantics software.
  1. Automation of product descriptions

    With the AX Semantics content automation software, KLiNGEL can automatically generate product descriptions based on structured data from a PIM system. KLiNGEL has successfully switched the product management and translation team to a hybrid editorial model. The configuration of the content is in the hands of editors. After the configuration, the team could replace short, general product descriptions with unique content with individual wording and style across various brands.
  2. Content in multiple languages

    Since content automation is possible in 110 languages with AX, internationalization is possible. This is a massive advantage for internationally operating companies like KLiNGEL, as translation processes are often complex and lengthy. With content automation, KLiNGEL can provide brand-specific product descriptions for all markets and in 14 languages.
  3. Fast time to market of the products

    Products no longer wait for publication because the product descriptions have not yet been written or translated. As soon as product data is available, a product description can be generated automatically.
  4. Always up-to-date content

    When product information changes, it can be necessary to adapt the content. It is very time-consuming to do that manually. With the help of AX Semantics, KLiNGEL can implement changes centrally in the tool and roll them out to all relevant texts in all languages and for all platforms like online stores, Amazon and eBay. This saves enormous time and the product descriptions are always up-to-date.

The Results

Since choosing AX Semantics, the company has generated millions of unique and high-quality product descriptions for its sub-brands and 14 languages.KLiNGEL has massively reduced the time and effort required to create product descriptions and translations. By generating high-quality product descriptions with added value for the reader and automating FAQs that answer common questions, KLiNGEL has drastically reduced call center inquiries. This has resulted in cost savings of >1 Million € per year. KLiNGEL benefits from automated product descriptions in their digital channels and the print catalogs, where the texts are imported fully automatically in all languages.
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The K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG, also known as KLiNGEL, is a multichannel distance retailer and one of Germany's largest mail-order companies.

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