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Detailed and hyper-personalized emails in multiple languages thanks to content automation

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Highly Personalized E-Mails Generated With AX Semantics

Rabbit eMarketing, the full-service agency for digital communication uses AX Semantics content automation software to implement individualized email campaigns for its customers. Impersonal emails could be replaced by detailed and highly personalized emails in multiple languages.

About rabbit eMarketing

Rabbit eMarketing is a full-service agency for one-to-one multichannel and email marketing as well as display and social media advertising. The agency enables companies to address their target groups with the right advertising message at the right time. Rabbit eMarketing uses content automation to generate personalized email campaigns for its customers.

The Challenge

Every customer is different. This is why it makes no sense to send standard mails to every customer. The challenge that rabbit eMarketing wanted to solve: to send hyper-personalized emails to each recipient, with the right information at the right time. For rabbit eMarketing it was also important to be able to send the email not only in one language, but in multiple languages.In addition to the quality of the content of the emails, the speed of the email creation also played an important role. The challenge for rabbit eMarketing was to generate as many high quality and personalized emails as possible in a short time.
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The Solution

With the content automation software from AX Semantics, rabbit eMarketing was able to generate scalable individualized emails in multiple languages for companies in a short time. There is no need to use ready-made content modules anymore. With the AX software, rabbit eMarketing could create logics on-demand to address each customer personally and according to their needs.How does rabbit eMarketing support companies in a detailed project workflow with AX Semantics? 1. Checking the data from the CRM 2. Generation of the sentence structure 3. Implementation in AX Semantics 4. Sending the mailing Produktbeschreibung

The Results

Rabbit eMarketing has successfully achieved some positive results through individual email campaigns generated with AX Semantics.

Highly Personalized E-Mails

All emails are detailed and highly personalized in multiple languages. The right information can be sent individually to each customer at the right time with added value.

Time Savings

The speed of email creation can be significantly increased through content automation, compared to manual content creation.

More Productivity

The use of content automation multiplies human productivity. This results in savings of personnel costs.

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